Community. Isn’t that what we all long for? A place to feel at ease. At home. Be among kindred spirits. To accomplish this, WSW offers workshops and gatherings to empower, educate, inspire, and uplift. Some are just for women, some are open to both women and men. These groups are offered during both the day and evening, to accommodate the many flexible schedules people have. You can also join the Women Supporting Women Center Facebook community.

This video is Ashley Bush singing a fun song at the WSW Center’s 15th birthday party in 2011. Sorry it’s sideways; will change as soon as I figure out how! WSW draws a wide range of people of many ages and backgrounds. We support each other by listening to one another; by sharing our authentic selves in safe circles of caring people. We learn, we listen, we laugh, we cry, we heal, we grow, we rest. We use a set of guidelines in our groups which invite safety amidst diversity.


Located in downtown Exeter, NH, WSW is at 111 Water St, 2nd floor, near the popular landmark Bandstand.